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Carolina Finals Survival Kit!

Carolina Finals Survival Kit!

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This basket is for the UNC student who is looking to fuel their studying during exams! Filled with snacks that have been carefully chosen to appeal to college students' palates, this basket will help keep Tar Heels energized, focused, and ready to take on their exams!

Basket contains: 

  • Collapsible, heavy-duty bag - perfect for packing up everything that has been collected over the year to bring home for the summer.
  • Beverages for hydration and energy -Liquid IV packet and bottle of water, student-favorite Celsius energy beverage, plus V8 energy drink.
  • Crunchy, salty snacks - Students can keep themselves focused and awake by crunching on salty snacks such as the Carolina BBQ chips, Goldfish, pretzels, and Skinny Pop.
  • Sweet Treats - UNC students can reward their hard studying with sweet treats such as UNC chocolates, Famous Amos Cookies, Hershey bar, Oreos, & Wild Berry Skittles.
  • Some healthier options - to support health during a stressful time, we have included a protein bar, Emergen-C Vitamin C packet, Clif bar, Veggie Puffs, probiotic trail mix, and applesauce.
  • Gum - Minty gum is included to help keep your student awake and focused while studying and taking their exams.

All items are delivered in a large bucket that can be used for organizing shelves and drawers. Individual items may be replaced with options of comparable value based on dietary restrictions, individual preferences of the gift recipient, and availability.

Free local delivery within Chapel Hill. Please be sure to include the gift recipient's address and phone number when you order.

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