Behind the Scenes of "The Summer I Turned Pretty": Lessons from the Set in Chapel Hill

Behind the Scenes of "The Summer I Turned Pretty": Lessons from the Set in Chapel Hill

Over the past few days in Chapel Hill, "The Summer I Turned Pretty" has been filming on campus and downtown. Watching the magic of television come to life has been both inspiring and eye-opening. I’ve observed some valuable life in lessons in action that also apply to the journey of students at UNC Chapel Hill. Here are five takeaways about appreciating the hard work behind every success story.

1. The Unseen Effort Behind Polished Content

Creating a minute of polished content on screen requires hours of not-so-glamorous work. From setting up shots to multiple takes and extensive editing, every detail matters. Similarly, the flawless moments we see on social media often hide the hard work and less glamorous efforts behind them. It’s important to recognize that true achievements are typically the result of unseen work, dedication, and perseverance.

2. Attention to Detail

The film crew's meticulous planning for every aspect of the shoot – from equipment and props to feeding the cast – demonstrates that magic rarely happens without detailed preparation. Success, whether in college or life, requires careful planning and attention to detail. Focusing on the small things can make a significant difference in achieving our goals.

3. The Power of Teamwork

On set, every team member's role is crucial, from managing props to ensuring the right lighting. This collective effort mirrors how most of our significant accomplishments involve support from a broader community. Respecting each person's unique skills and working together can create something far greater than what we can achieve alone.

4. Embracing Sacrifice and Hard Work

While the life of an actor might seem glamorous, it involves long, challenging days in uncomfortable conditions. Similarly, most of our days are filled with small, sometimes mundane tasks. Focusing on these moments and enduring some discomfort often leads to memorable accomplishments. Embracing hard work and sacrifice is key to achieving long-term success.

5. Lifelong Learning

On the set, young lead actors were the experts, guiding and teaching older extras, showing that learning is a lifelong journey. We must remain open to new knowledge from all sources. Embracing diverse talents and experiences can lead to continuous growth and improvement.

Celebrating Gifts and Accomplishments

Living in a town like Chapel Hill, we have the privilege of being part of a community that values hard work, attention to detail, teamwork, sacrifice, and lifelong learning. By recognizing the effort behind every success, we can better anticipate, appreciate, and support the journeys of those we care about.

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