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The Tar Heel Health Nut

The Tar Heel Health Nut

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Our Tar Heel Health Nut Care Package is thoughtfully curated to provide nourishment and support for your Tar Heel student's active lifestyle. Filled with tasty and healthy treats, this basket will keep them energized, hydrated, and ready to conquer their classes.

The Health and Wellness Care Package includes:

  • UNC Mug

  • Emergen C Packets: Support Immune system with Vitamin C and Zinc

  • Liquid IV Packet: Improve hydration, boost immunity, and enhance energy levels with the help of a Liquid IV packet.

  • Celsius Beverage: Stay refreshed and invigorated with a caffeinated, sparkling Celsius beverage.

  • Kodiak Oatmeal Cup: Start their morning with a wholesome and protein-packed oatmeal cup.

  • Trail Mix: Provide them with a nutritious and energizing snack option with a flavorful trail mix, offering a blend of wholesome ingredients to keep them fueled throughout the day.

  • Big Spoon Roasters Protein Bar: Support their active lifestyle and muscle recovery with a protein-packed, locally produced Big Spoon Roasters protein bar.

  • Skinny Pop Popcorn: Indulge in guilt-free snacking with Skinny Pop popcorn, a light and flavorful treat that satisfies their cravings.

  • Tea Bags and Honey: Encourage relaxation and moments of tranquility with a selection of tea bags and honey.

  • Made Good Granola Bar: Enjoy a wholesome and allergy-friendly Made Good granola bar.

  • Dried Fruit: Provide a naturally sweet and nourishing snack with a selection of dried fruit.

  • Veggie Straws and Sweet Puffs: Satisfy that craving to crunch with these healthier options
  • Applesauce: An easy, fun way to get some fruit in!
  • Orange Juice: A refreshing way to start the day with some Vitamin C
  • Granola: Easy, on-the-go breakfast for a healthy start.

Please note any specific dietary needs or preferences when ordering, and we will ensure the contents of the basket align with their requirements. If you would like the basket to arrive on a specific day, kindly indicate your preferred delivery date when placing the order.

Free local delivery within Chapel Hill. Please be sure to include the gift recipient's address and phone number when you order.

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