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Happy Birthday Basket

Happy Birthday Basket

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When you can't be there in person to celebrate, our Birthday Party in a Basket is the perfect solution to bring the party to your loved one's doorstep. Packed with everything they need to share their special day with friends, this thoughtful gift will create unforgettable memories and ensure a joyful celebration.

The Birthday Party in a Basket includes:

  • Customized Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
  • Birthday Balloon
  • UNC Koozie
  • Happy Birthday Hershey bar
  • Birthday Napkins
  • Large, Shareable Birthday Cake Popcorn
  • Large, shareable Pop Daddy Birthday Cake Pretzels
  • Spritzal All-Natural Birthday Cake Shortbread Cookies
  • UNC Gummy Candies

Free local delivery within Chapel Hill. Please be sure to include the gift recipient's address and phone number when you order.

Please note that individual items may be replaced with suitable alternatives based on dietary restrictions, personal preferences, and availability, ensuring a customized and enjoyable experience for the recipient.

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