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Why HandPicked?

The Mother Behind HandPicked Care Packages

Kara Aycock is the mother of two teenagers and has lived in Chapel Hill, NC for over 20 years. She has a master's degree in counseling and has volunteered and worked with education and youth-focused groups, while also enjoying the festive, vibrant atmosphere found in her off-campus neighborhood.

The Wisdom of Grandmothers

As a child, Kara was fortunate to spend time with both of her grandmothers. One was known for showering her family with the perfect gifts-each person received exactly what they had been dreaming of! She had a knack for listening for clues and knowing what gifts were hot at the moment (Cabbage Patch Kids! Stickers! Pastel wedge sandals...for an 8-year-old!). Somehow, she knew what everyone wanted before they knew they even wanted it!

The other grandmother believed gifts were only "special" if they were personalized. Names and monograms were added to Christmas ornaments, collectible trinkets, frames, kitchenware, etc. A gift just "wasn't any count" unless the recipient's name was clearly visible.

Care Packages for All

The lessons from both grandmothers came together in HandPicked. Kara strives to find the most popular gifts and treats to create customized care packages that everyone will love. From college care packages featuring the most popular snacks, energy drinks, and drinkware to customized gifts that will make your corporate clients, family members, and friends feel cherished, HandPicked is excited to work with you to create the perfect gift with a personal touch! The goal of every HandPicked Gift is to leave the gift recipient feeling seen, appreciated, and cared for, just as our grandmothers taught us!

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